Classy Cooking Bounty

Published 10th April, 2010
When Dr Geraldine McGuire is not working on high calibre projects to balance sustainable economic, environmental and social solutions in Australia, Indonesia, PNG and Laos, she is busy cooking up indigenous rainforest fruit condiments under the Rainforest Bounty brand.
But later this month, Geraldine will commence the first of a series of Cooking Classes at her magical property nestled into the rainforest on the Tablelands, and overlooking Bartle Frere.A finalist in the recent RIRDC Rural Womens Awards, Geraldine is a local woman who has a passion for sustainable development, native foods and fusion cooking.
Rainforest Bounty consists of three partners who also grow native rainforest fruits using sustainable farming practices on the Atherton Tableland. Eleven products are currently produced by Rainforest Bounty. The most popular are the spicy condiments with an Asian flare such as the Rainforest Spicy Plum Sauce, Rainforest Lemon and Lime Pickle and Rainforest Fruits Chutney.These Australian rainforest fruit flavours are intense and unique, unlike any other fruits you may have tasted and with their truly stunning colour and flavour; they provide a unique and very pleasurable north Australian bush food experience.
When Geraldine and her husband launch the Rainforest Bounty Slow Food Experience at the end of April, the day will begin with a gentle stroll through their luxuriant native fruit orchards of Davidson Plum, Lemon Aspen, Finger lime, Native Tamarind, Atherton nut, Water Cherry and other Lillipillies.
Next stop, the kitchen gardens to harvest seasonal ingredients for the hands-on cooking class that shows you how to bring out the unique flavours of Australian rainforest fruits. It’s a very social event and the day culminating in a sumptuous lunch to share the results of your endeavours.

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