Palates of Port

Spencer Patrick of Harrison's Restaurant

Published 29th May 2010

What has Raymond Blanc, Nico Landenis and Marco Pierre White got in common? Answer: Michelin stars and Port Douglas Restaurant chef/owner Spencer Patrick. Yes, English chef Spencer has worked for all three chefs at their Michelin Star awarded restaurants in the United Kingdom.

At Marco Pierre White’s Cafe Royal Grill Room in Piccadilly, Spencer was head chef at this prestigious establishment where a budding Australian chef named Curtis Stone came to work for him in 1998. In the same year Spencer was ranked in "The London Good Food Guide" as 3rd best chef in London.

Working in Melbourne Spencer met his wife Reina and later they travelled to Port Douglas to set up Harrisons Restaurant named after their son. In this lovely Queensland garden setting in Wharf Street, Spencer applies innovative European methods to the finest local produce to create a cuisine ideal for the Australian tropics.

Last night Spencer joins seven other Port restaurants to produce a fabulous eight course ‘Degustation under the Stars’ culinary event at the Carnivale Palates of Port for over 150 guests. Set in Rex Smeal Park the giant fig tree came to life when illuminated with fairy lights, lanterns and up-lights of soft, atmospheric colours that created an absolutely magical setting. At its base a small stage provided the setting for each of the eight contributing chefs to demonstrate how their dish was prepared and showcased the local produce which it incorporated. A large projected screen showed the preparation processes involved.

Spencer of Harrison’s Restaurant was joined in the kitchen with other chefs from Bucci Ristorante, High Tide Beach Bistro Bar, Salsa Bar & Grill, 2 Fish Seafood Restaurant, Bistro 3, Bel Cibo; and Sakinah House Restaurant.

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