IN SEASON: February - July

Durians originated from Malaysia and Borneo and are regarded as the ‘king of tropical fruit’. Described as ‘taste like heaven and stinking like hell’, the fruit is large golden greenish in colour and covered in spines. The flesh is divided into five segments, each containing one to four seeds. Maturity is indicated when the middle of the fruit exudes a strong smell and the flesh has a really rich creamy texture and tastes like cream cheese, garlic and onions.

After consuming fruit, pour water into skin cavity and drink from this to avoid burping. To remove odour from fingers, pour water over external surface of skin and wash hands in the runoff.

Durians are best eaten fresh but the flesh can also be used for making jams and cakes. The richness of the flesh also makes an excellent foil to hot, spicy foods like curries and chilli dishes. Durian seeds can be roasted and eaten like nuts. Great in mousses, drinks and desserts.

Durian flesh freezes and stores well, freshly thawed it is a welcome treat during the off season.

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