Shepherd Avocado

Shepard Avocados have just come into season and will continue through to mid May. They are easily identified for their green skin and elongated shape. Shepard avocados won’t go brown once cut so there is no need for lemon or plastic wrap so they are ideal for salads and even in pasta dishes. Their buttery flavour and consistency make them perfect for dips or spreading on toast and sandwiches.

Contrary to popular belief, Shepard avocados do not contain any cholesterol. Avocados are the most energy dense and nutrient rich fruit per calorie - making them an ideal part of any meal. Shepard avocados are described as a whole food, which means that each piece of fruit contains the vitamins and minerals that are essential for infant development. These nutritional qualities and smooth consistency make pureed avocados one of the first fresh fruits a baby can enjoy.

To select a ripe avocado, gently squeeze the fruit in the palm of your hand. A ripe Shepard will yield slightly to your touch. Store ripe Shepards in the fridge - better still, eat them straight away!
Fruit for later use should be firm to touch and stored at room temperature until ripe and ready to eat.

Shepard avocados are grown in on the Atherton Tableland and in Bundaberg, Queensland - the only places Shepards are grown in the world!

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