Fish Pondering

Published: 28th November 2009

Some will argue that aquaculture may well be the future of the seafood industry in Australia. Its
cost effective production enables a quality product grown to a high standard of uniform size, colour and continuity of supply. Others will argue the taste is not the same but that's a personal choice. The most popular aquaculture product in Australia is of course, Atlantic Salmon from Tasmania which graces most restaurant menu in some form.

But try something different and something local. Here in this region, we have exceptional aquaculture products in prawns, barramundi,
redclaw, jade perch and eels. Prawn farming has become highly competitive and quality is paramount. In some cases prawns are farmed in pens at sea which enhances a ‘salty’ taste. A good grower of barramundi controls the process to ensure the firmness and cooking characteristics of the fish to be similar to the wild product. These plate-sized ‘barra’ are great for baking or barbecue.

If you are health conscious for Omega-3; Jade Perch is an outstanding cholesterol free table fish. It has been found by CSIRO scientists to have extremely high omega-3 fatty acid content, said to be approximately 6 times higher than that of Atlantic salmon. It also boasts an exceptional recovery rate of white flesh to body weight making it value for money.

Eels that swim up and down the eastern seaboard find their way into estuaries and on to freshwater creeks and ponds and are now farmed in this region. Popular with the Asian market, it is a worthy consideration for a special treat.

Redclaw is our own freshwater crayfish and makes a wonderful alternative to seafood. It’s light and sweet flavours enhance a many number of dishes from salads to pasta and risotto.

So think outside the normal shopping basket and try some of our regions great aquaculture products.

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