Get Ready for the Prawn Season

Published: 6 March 2010

I am not sure locals realise just how envious our southern cousins are of our fabulous seafood. Often their idea of a holiday in Tropical North Queensland is sitting on a palm fringed beach eating fresh prawns.
March heralds the opening of the prawn season along the East Coast and the Torres Strait and the fishermen have ventured out to sea to bring back their bounty in the next few weeks. Trawl fishing in the Gulf of Carpentaria will open mid April and the flow of new season Kings, Tigers, Bananas and Endeavour Prawns will be in full swing, along with Moreton Bay bugs, swimmer crabs and scallops.

Season closures ensure sustainability of the species and the Queensland East Coast Trawl Fishery is a world leader with one of the most advanced fisheries management plans. It is the first of its kind in Australia to receive such a high level of recognition from the Commonwealth Government.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has formally accredited the Queensland East Coast Trawl fishery’s management plan as “ecologically sustainable” for this region of the Great Barrier Reef and all trawl fishing nets have been fitted with devices to reduce by-catch and exclude turtles.

Look out for the new season small but sweet juicy Tiger and large Kings Prawns at good prices at your favourite seafood retailer. But remember to ask ‘Is it local, and insist on Queensland Catch.

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